We make video content focused on labor market communication.

We will assist you in the role of recruiter, employer brand manager or recruitment marketeer. You face challenging situations every day and are looking for a partner you can work with and who you can use as a sparring partner. A direct consequence of saying yes is actually doing it. Sometimes you just need a practical solution which suits a smaller budget. On other occasions, you may have a larger budget to work with to lift your recruitment strategy and employer brand to a higher level.

Beating about the bush is not an option here, finding talent is not quite as simple as it seems. Making the importance of employer branding visible internally might just be as difficult. These challenges make your life busy enough and that is why we focus on how we can translate your needs to inspiring, practical and especially useable video content. Content for your target group and stakeholders to identify with.

Types of video

Finding the right candidate in a process. We create videos for every step in the employer journey.

Our approach

Creating beautiful and effective video content together with a sparring partner focused on content.

Check out our work

This is an overview of our work made for our clients in recent years.

The right (video) content for each and every step of your employee journey.


What does your organization stand for? (Trigger, Plant a seed, Inspire, Make the target group curious.)


Why does your organization suit the target group well? (Show specific items that are relevant to the target group.)


What does your organization have to offer, so that they desire the role (opportunity)? (What’s in it for them.)


Make sure your target group applies!
(Conversion focused.)


Stay in contact with new employees between the signing of the contract and the first working day. (Let them get acquainted with the company culture.)


Ensure that the new employees are provided with the necessary information about skills and your corporate culture.


Let employees develop within their role and within the organization


The greater the positive impact of the off-boarding process, the greater the ambassadorial role of the former colleague.

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