Together we can build a strong employer brand

Minutes on Career helps you turn your brand (big or small) into a strong employer brand. We do this by producing tailor-made, high-quality video content, as in recruitment clips, working-at videos, animations, staff interviews, commercials and more, together with you. Content that is guaranteed to stand out, captivate your audience and mobilise them.

Work method

In love with video

As an employer, you do everything you possibly can to select the best candidates for your company. In today’s world, the emergence of web video is swiftly replacing the traditional appeal of a good story and a handful of photographs. Potential employees now rely on video to get a much better picture of what it is your company represents. They want to taste the atmosphere, see their future colleagues and see and hear what a company stands for. We believe that video is the ultimate means by which to achieve this.

Types of videos

Not convinced? Here are the statistics:

  • There is a 96% bigger likelihood that a person clicks through an e-mail or website if it contains video images or animations; 
  • 60% of all Internet users have a preference for video over text (Source: Comscore);
  • Google indexes video 53 times better than text;
  • 50% of all mobile traffic consists of video (Source: Google);
  • 84% of all Internet traffic will consist of video by 2018 (Source: Cisco).