Flexible and fast.
Just like our content.

We deliver fast and we are flexible, we are focused on both your external and internal campaigns. Just like you, we enjoy collectively creating beautiful and effective video content!
You are looking for a sparring partner with substance who is able to deliver the right content, corresponding with each media channel. That is exactly what we do.

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or (micro)site, our video content knows how to reach and excite your particular target group.

Complexity will not be of any help to you so that will not be a part of our partnership. Instead, convenience and fun create a pleasant experience. We are able to learn from each other sometimes and to us that is actually quite cool.

What we promise

  • A deal is a deal. Clear project planning
  • Provide relevant input for your recruitment challenges
  • Deliver the right content for each media channel

What we do

  • Analyze and effectively approach the target group (Touch Tell Sell/ AIDA-model)
  • We speak recruitment language
  • We continuously challenge you to find the best concept which suits your wishes and goals We bring the latest in video innovations to the recruitment market

What we offer

  • A motivated and creative team
  • A ping pong table 🙂

Would you like us to work on your employer brand?

Then do not hesitate to contact us.